What does regen Ag look like in prac­tice? In the absence of any regu­la­tory or scien­tific defi­n­i­tion, it can be diffi­cult to pin down. Overview of the main goals and tech­nical indi­ca­tors.

Wageningen Univer­sity in the Nether­lands provides an analysis of how the term is used in existing docu­men­ta­tion. Starting from a rather tech­nical, soil-focused common core, it is incor­po­rating a growing number of aims to meet more and more ambi­tious defi­n­i­tions.

Source: Regen­er­a­tive Agri­cul­ture in Europe, Mark Manshanden, Univer­sität Wageningen, April 2023

5-7 Jahre

Conven­tional system VS regen­er­a­tive system (Ireland; advanced stage of adop­tion: > 6 years).

Source: „Der Weg zu regen­er­a­tiver Land­wirtschaft in Deutsch­land“, BGC, Nabu, März 2023

Source: Raphaël Dachelet, « Agri­cul­ture régénéra­trice, émer­gence d’un concept », Univer­sité catholique de Louvain, 2020