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Preci­sion Farming

Auto­matic steering systems and site-specific field manage­ment are finding their way onto farms as the options become wider and more diverse. Preci­sion farming can make busi­nesses more effi­cient, more sustain­able and more econom­i­cally viable.

Here you will find useful guid­ance on how to get started as well as back­ground infor­ma­tion on preci­sion farming.

Precision Farming

Healthy wheat with less fungi­cides

In addi­tion to arable farming and fattening pigs, the Anschütz family relies on energy produc­tion from biogas and photo­voltaics, and provides heat to 90 house­holds through a heating network. Networks also play a big role in the family's farm manage­ment: Their trac­tors are equipped with the Auto­Trac steering system, the John Deere Display and JDLink, all connected to the John Deere Oper­a­tions Center. For a crop protec­tion agent trial, the Oper­a­tions Center was addi­tion­ally connected with xarvio from BASF. 

The Furrow is also avail­able on paper!

Your John Deere dealer

Visit your John Deere dealer and ask for a subscrip­tion of The Furrow.

Precision Farming

Increase effi­ciency with satel­lite tech­nology

The govern­ment is increas­ingly restricting the use of agri­cul­tural inputs. In addi­tion, prices have risen to unimag­ined heights. Many farmers are wondering how to use fertilisers, seeds, growth regu­la­tors and crop protec­tion chem­i­cals more effi­ciently. One possible answer is to imple­ment preci­sion farming: Those who work with appli­ca­tion maps based on satel­lite images can achieve more uniform yields.