Bales by the minute

The job of contractor Martin Georgs is to make his customers happy. With his John Deere machines, he presses and wraps bales in one step. He works quickly, reli­ably and is always accom­mo­dating.

Sharp and shiny

When morning breaks in East Frisia (Ostfries­land), contractor Martin Georgs makes his machines fit for the day. His 100 customers have very different require­ments. He and his machines – the four JD trac­tors, three rakes and two baler-wrapper combi­na­tions – help them with their harvest.

„Customer satis­fac­tion is our adver­tising“

Mr Georgs about his work as a contractor

On his way to the customer

With this combi­na­tion, the 7810 tractor and the C441R fixed chamber wrap­ping baler, Mr Georgs is perfectly equipped to make his customers happy. He can work quickly, flex­ibly and care­fully.

Prepared to be flex­ible

With his wrap­ping baler C441R, Mr Georgs can be as flex­ible as his everyday work requires. There is a lot going on from May to October. Today he can get started under the best weather condi­tions.

„The wrapper can run smoothly“

Contractor Mr Georgs about his baler wrapper

Mr Georgs baling

Together with his machines and the support of friends and family, Mr Georgs has been in busi­ness for 15 years. In a year he makes 2,000 bales of straw, 1,500 of hay and 7,000 of silage. His machinery can produce up to 60 bales per hour.

„When new customers follow us“

How contractor Mr Georgs wins over new customers

Posh bales

This is what the finished bales look like: Posh, tight and angular. When Mr Georgs has finished a field, it is a shop window to his customers.