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Two halved trac­tors capti­vated more visi­tors at Agritech­nica 2023 than some whole trac­tors. The unusual duo demon­strated that John Deere keeps trac­tors running with the right spare parts and proac­tive service – no matter how old they are.

On the left, half of a 20-year-old 6920 S with 20,000 oper­ating hours; on the right, half of an almost brand-new 6R 150 with only 120 oper­ating hours under its belt. This was the scene for visi­tors to the John Deere stand at Agritech­nica. Anyone who saw the eye-catching display could see that John Deere is demon­strating how both older and new machines can be kept running reli­ably and for a long time.

The 6920 S had earned its repu­ta­tion in service on the damp coast in the North of England – rust marks on the body bear witness to its work in inhos­pitable condi­tions. Never­the­less, it oper­ated very reli­ably until it was split in two and served its owner well – also thanks to having the appro­priate spare parts, which were presented in their entirety at Agritech­nica. Depending on the situ­a­tion, farmers can choose from three types of spare parts for their John Deere machine:

Orig­inal parts

Orig­inal parts are specially manu­fac­tured for John Deere and are deliv­ered brand new to the dealer, then on to the customer’s machines. These spare parts are recom­mended for trac­tors that work in the front­line of a farm and run for many oper­ating hours per year.

Reman parts

Reman parts are recon­di­tioned spare parts that are reworked in John Deere’s own specialised plants. There, more complex compo­nents such as trans­mis­sion and engines, as well as elec­tronic compo­nents like displays and oper­ating units, are completely disman­tled, over­hauled and rein­tro­duced to the market at the current series status. Reman parts are often a quick and inex­pen­sive repair solu­tion, espe­cially for gear­boxes and engines. Instead of having their own gearbox repaired at great expense, farmers can have it replaced with a reman gearbox.

Alter­na­tives by John Deere

Alter­na­tives by John Deere refers to a new, alter­na­tive spare parts line from John Deere. These spare parts are partic­u­larly suit­able for machines that are already a few years old and are no longer in daily use for hours on end. The parts are certi­fied by John Deere and approved for use in the machines. With these cheaper parts, older machines can also be repaired cost-effec­tively. In this way, they continue to operate as a useful part of a farmer’s fleet.

Matthias Linneweber, after­market manager for trac­tors at John Deere points out: “What’s impor­tant in this selec­tion is that we have the right spare parts for every machine and its time value. The parts in all cate­gories meet John Deere’s high-quality stan­dards and come with the same warranty.”

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Maximum Uptime with John Deere Connected Support™

John Deere Connected Support™ is always ready to help you monitor machine health and proac­tively resolve issues.

But John Deere is not just there for customers when it is time to replace a part on their machine. Customers and dealers get insights into the machine with John Deere Connected Support, helping both to work more effi­ciently and cost-effec­tively. For example, a machine can proac­tively ‘report’ to the sales partner if it is fore­see­able that an unsched­uled repair or main­te­nance will be neces­sary.

This means that prob­lems can be recti­fied before they immo­bilise a machine at unfavourable times, like during harvesting. Dealers can also remotely connect to a machine’s display, read out diag­nostic codes or provide soft­ware for a wide range of needs, thereby giving farmers fast and effec­tive remote support.

The prereq­ui­site for this service is that the machines can go online via a modem (called JDLink) and there­fore enable the afore­men­tioned remote func­tions. “We also have good news for owners of older machines,” reports Matthias. “Our JDLink M modem is a plug-and-play solu­tion that makes it easy to retrofit in older machines. This means that they can also appear in the John Deere Oper­a­tions Centre and take advan­tage of the oppor­tu­ni­ties offered by smart farming, which makes agri­cul­tural oper­a­tions more sustain­able and effi­cient.”

Older machines can be easily retro­fitted for digital services and func­tions with the JDLink M modem.

Behind the scenes: This is how the trac­tors were split in half

How do you cut a tractor in half? John Deere enlisted the support of a specialised company from Cologne for this task. The experts had already made real sectional models of large engines or motor­bikes, but even they had never cut up an entire tractor.

Matthias explains: “Simply disman­tling the tractor is not an option for obvious reasons. That’s why the special­ists disman­tled many of the tractor compo­nents into their indi­vidual parts, cut them up and then reassem­bled a half.” The bisected trac­tors on display at Agritech­nica were the result of a great deal of atten­tion to detail and metic­u­lous work.

Take a look at the process and the result in the video: