Tractors“Customers are taking the next big step with the new 6R”

John Deere’s new 6R Series tractor models stand out thanks to their design, perfor­mance and intel­li­gence. In this inter­view, product marketing manager Philippe Stein­mann provides an overview of the series and its advan­tages for users.

Mr Stein­mann, what are the most signif­i­cant changes with the new 6R?

With the new 6R, we are building on the successful history of this series and taking a big step forward. Even at first glance, the tractor looks different from its prede­ces­sors. We have also added four extra models to the range to better meet specific customer require­ments. And with new features such as 1-Click-Go-AutoSetup, we aim to make the operator’s job much easier. This is why we’re promoting the new 6R series with the slogan: GO SMART, DO MORE.

Let’s start with the design.

Philippe Stein­mann is Product Marketing Manager for Mid Trac­tors at John Deere.

As with the 7 and 8R series, we teamed up with BMW-Design Works on the design: the tractor has a new hood with a special shape, new decals and model numbers, new mirrors and an overall new design. Inside the cab, we took out the dash­board behind the steering wheel and replaced it by a corner post display. Together with the opti­mized wiper this improves forward visi­bility.

The model range has been expanded in both the four-cylinder and six-cylinder models. What can customers expect there?

We have expanded the four-cylinder range with the 6R 140 and 6R 150 models, thus making very powerful and compact trac­tors with four-cylinder frames avail­able for customers. The 6R 150 is perfect for live­stock farms. With intel­li­gent power manage­ment, it delivers a maximum of 177 hp – with a wheel­base of just 2.58 m and an empty weight of 6.5 t. The tractor is espe­cially fun to operate when equipped with a front loader with the dynamic weighing system in combi­na­tion with the new joystick. The oper­ator does not need to stop while driving and is able to fill the mixer-wagon both more quickly and more precisely.

With a 6R 150 with front loader and dynamic weighing system, a feed mixer wagon can be filled faster and more precisely.

With the 1-Click-Go-AutoSetup feature, previ­ously planned work auto­mat­i­cally appears on the Gen4 display. This saves up to 90% of clicks.

The 6R 185 set a record in the PowerMix trans­port test with 355 g/KWh.

To improve driver visi­bility, the dash­board behind the steering wheel was replaced by a corner post display.

And how do things look with the 6-cylinder models?

Here we have the 6R 165 and the 6R 185. Let’s take a closer look at the 6R 185: Despite its compact­ness, it offers high perfor­mance and has been specially designed to meet the demands of contrac­tors who frequently trans­port goods or need a lot of hydraulic power for imple­ments.

The 6R 185 has an empty weight of 7.9 t with a wheel­base of 2.76 m, delivers a maximum of 234 hp with intel­li­gent power manage­ment and set a record in the PowerMix trans­port test with 355 g/KWh. The IPM is now even smarter and now also works in hydraulic appli­ca­tions. This is partic­u­larly advan­ta­geous with imple­ments like the combo baler when simul­ta­ne­ously baling and wrap­ping. According to internal bench­marks, a contractor can there­fore manage 20% more bales per hour while consuming signif­i­cantly less fuel.

How well are the 6R trac­tors prepared for preci­sion farming?

The computer brain of the 6R has become much smarter. This can be seen, for example, in the 1-Click-Go-AutoSetup feature, which signif­i­cantly simpli­fies the work. This func­tion supports the oper­ator in adjusting the tractor and imple­ment and reduces the neces­sary number of clicks in the display by up to 90%. All the neces­sary settings, including agro­nomic data like field bound­aries, guid­ance tracks and as-applied maps, can be planned in advance and sent wire­lessly to the tractor.

As soon as the tractor crosses the field boundary, the saved profile is auto­mat­i­cally avail­able. This means that even drivers who do not regu­larly operate the tractor can work very precisely throughout and avoid errors. GO SMART, DO MORE.