TractorsWinter service: With trac­tors against snow and ice

John Deere trac­tors don’t just cut a fine figure in the fields. The trac­tors can also be relied on as a snow clearing service – as is the case in the Bavarian market town of Nord­halben.

Ready for action

When winter shows its icy side in the town of Nord­halben, there is a lot to do for the team of the town’s council yard. Then the employees are called upon to ensure that 1,600 resi­dents get from A to B safely despite snow and ice. Reli­able support for clearing roads and paths is provided by two John Deere trac­tors: a 6120M and a 3046R.

Start work at 5:00am

During the cold season, Uwe Deck­el­mann, the yard manager, gets up at 3:00am every morning to check the weather. He does not rely on the fore­cast. “I only believe what I see myself,” he says with a laugh. “After all, I’ve expe­ri­enced it too many times that in reality it wasn’t as snow-free and dry as the weather service claimed.” If ice or snow is approaching, Uwe Deckelmann’s team starts clearing the roads at 5:00am. And he is also at the wheel of one of the machines.

A well-rehearsed winter road clear­ance team

The team clears about 30 km of roads and paths from the building yard within three-and-a-halfhours. In addi­tion, 2,000 square metres of parking areas are cleared. Together with a service provider, three trac­tors and six people are employed. Once all the paths have been prepared, the team have a break. Around 3pm, the team moves out again.

Strong tractor in the snow

The town council of Nord­halben chose John Deere trac­tors because reli­a­bility and flex­i­bility are impor­tant for those respon­sible. “The design of the trac­tors is also a clear advan­tage,” explains Uwe Deck­el­mann. “With John Deere trac­tors, we can bolt the snow plough plate directly into the frame. This is much easier than with competitor trac­tors and also improves stability. The John Deere design also allows us to drive on steep slopes, which is partic­u­larly advan­ta­geous in our hilly commu­nity.”

Fast service in all weathers

In the field as well as in winter service, avail­ability of the trac­tors is every­thing. There­fore, good service is also impor­tant for the town. The Kotschen­reuther company takes care of servicing for the trac­tors in use in Nord­halben. “The support from Kotschen­reuther is always quick and uncom­pli­cated. Once we had a break­down at 23:30pm. At 00:30am a tech­ni­cian was on site and early in the morning we could start work again. That’s great, of course.” Even after the handover of the new 6120M, the John Deere dealer was there to help with any ques­tions.